SONY WF-H800 h. ear in 3 Truly Wireless Headphones


Compact and lightweight

The WF-H800 headphones and charging case are remarkably compact and lightweight, so they’re not only comfortable to wear, but also easy to carry.

Listen without limits

The WF-H800 headphones offer stable and reliable truly wireless connectivity. The placement of the headphones’ Bluetooth® antenna has been optimized to ensure a wider coverage, keeping the signal strong for uninterrupted streaming.

A perfect fit – These lightweight headphones with an innovative Tri-hold structure are ergonomically designed to make contact with three different points on your ear for a secure, comfortable fit. 

All the power you need

Fully charged, the headphones let you stream 8 hours of music. The carrying case holds another full charge, giving you up to 16 hours of playback. And if you need to charge in a hurry, a 10-minute quick charge in the charging case gives you up to 70 minutes of play time.

Automatic pause and play

A proximity sensor in each earbud can detect whether you’re wearing one or both, and adapts playback accordingly. Take out one earbud and the music automatically pauses on both sides. Put the earbud back in and the music automatically resumes playing.

Music never looked better – The new h. ear range comes in a choice of five two-tone color combinations to suit your style. With different colors on the housing and earbud, you can find a look that’s uniquely yours. Try them with your favorite outfit or accessories effortless harmony.

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