Samsung QLED 4K |

Samsung QLED 4K


A Billion shades of accurate and cinematic sound

Hold your Breath, you’re in for a spectacle. Presenting the Breathtaking QLED 4K.

Powerful Intelligence for breathtaking visuals

Quantum Processor 4K

100% color volume with Quantum Dot, 4K AI Upscaling, Adaptive Picture, No Screen Burn in, Direct full Array 20X, Quantum HDR 16X.

Samsung’s Powerful Processor optimizes the picture quality and details to give you the best viewing conditions for your content.

One Billion Shades of Accurate Color

Quantum Dot Technology delivers our finest picture ever. With 100% color volume, Quantum Dots takes light and turns it into breathtaking color that stays true at any level of brightness.

Upgrade What you like to 4K

4K AI Upscaling

4K AI Upscaling uses Samsung’s powerful Quantum Processor, automatically analyzing the input source to reduce image noise, restore lost detail and define edges around objects and texts. Now you can get 4K resolution images and sound, regardless of the source.

Adaptive Picture

Actively adapts to the viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness. You can now experience a perfect picture, no matter what time of day or content you’re watching.

No-Screen Burn in

Quantum Dots are inorganic materials that provide consistently bright and vivid image quality for years. This means, the display doesn’t burn-out with time, and the amazing color’s and details you see today will stay the same over time.

Quantum HDR 16X

Every Nuance and detail comes to life with rich, accurate color and deeper contrast. The dynamic tone mapping of HDR10+ shifts color and contrast scene by scene, allowing you to appreciate even minor details.

Object Tracking Sound (OTS)

Experience the vibrant nuances in every scene with audio that tracks every motion. With dedicated up-firing and down-firing speakers, you can experience vividly realistic 3D sound that pulls you in closer.

Real Game Enhancer

Experience enhanced gaming without ever having to make adjustment. Extra motion clarity reduces halo and blur in fast moving game scenes. You also get clear visibility even in dark scenes, and sound that syncs each game scene.

Tap view

Mirroring movies or music from your smartphone to your TV is as simple as a tap. When you tap the TV with your smartphone, it senses the tap and mirrors the smartphone screen automatically. Now its, quick and easy to switch and continue enjoying your favorite content on the TV.

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