Samsung Galaxy S21+


Galaxy S21+ 5G
16.95cm (6.7″)
Super Smooth 60fps Video lets you relive the moment without skipping a beat. Its dynamic frame rate automatically adjusts so you record super-smooth video in both bright and low light.
The 10MP front-facing camera packs in tons of detail, while the fast autofocus makes sure you easily get your best shots.
Super Fast Charging gives you hours of power in minutes of charge.
Samsung S21+

Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 is a quick power-up — without the cable.
Wireless PowerShare lets you use your phone to charge your buds, watch or even a friend’s phone
Packing more speed, more power and more intelligence, the 5nm processor is fast enough to keep up with the action, so you can do more even faster
Samsung S21+

The Knox security platform delivers a high level of security, protecting your phone from the chip up and giving you more confidence in your data and app permissions. It also features Samsung Knox Vault to keep your biometric authentication data under wraps. And with a larger, lower latency Ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor, you can unlock even faster — even if your finger’s dry
Up to 256GB of built-in memory means thousands of epic moments stay safe and sound
HyperFast 5G lets you download a whole season of your favorite show in a flash. The 5G-compatible chipset delivers faster speeds to keep you connected as you upload or download.17, 18, 19 While HyperFast Wi-Fi connects you to everything you love quickly and reliably
Samsung S21+

ig Screen Chat lets you easily catch up with your friend groups. Since Google Duo works across devices, they can drop in anytime, from any place. Stay closer to those who matter with just a tap
Motion Mirror keeps in step with your training — letting you project your phone to your TV so you can follow a workout routine while also watching yourself

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