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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite


Pro- Grade Camera

Pro – Grade Camera powers for everyone

Start with the 48MP Main camera for vibrant, high resolution photos day or night. Switch to the 123 Degree ultra wide camera for breathtaking landscape. Get as close as 4cm to uncover the finest details with the Macro camera and flip over to take share – worthy selfies with the 32MP Front camera.

Smoother video without the shake, even in low light

Super Steady OIS allows for a wider correction angle, letting you add gimbal- like stability and UHD quality to live your videos and photos in low light condition. For action-packed scenes, switch to super steady mode for a smooth and steady capture.

Smooth like a Pro, edit on the go

You’ve taken a great video. Its time to add a memorable caption or combine it with another clip, or even speed it up. However you choose to add your own finishing touch, Galaxy S10 Lite makes it simple and easy with an all-in one built-in video editing suite.

Accelerate your Multi-tasking with a cutting-edge snapdragon 855 processor

Galaxy S10 Lite combines a speedy processor with spacious storage giving you a smooth and responsive multi-tasking experience. Galaxy S10 Lite features a large 8GB RAM, as well as a 128GB/512GB internal storage capacity expandable up to 1TB for laptop-sized storage without the laptop.

Film only what you want to focus on, blur out the rest – Live focus video lets you capture only what you want to focus on while you’re recording. Now you can put the attention directly on your subject by blurring out the background with multiple pro quality effects to choose from.

Turn up the volume on what you like with zoom in MIC – Sometimes its the audio that stands out in a scene – a funny laugh, a crashing wave, or an important presentation. Galaxy S10 Lite’s zoom-in mic features 3 microphones that effectively target and enhance the sound in real time as you zoom in and out.

Go Wider – a lot wider with the ultra wide camera – The 12MP ultra wide camera was build to capture the world the way your eyes do. With a 123 degree angle of view, landscape scenes are fully preserved with each epic detail exactly as you saw them.

Vibrant Pixels in every shot, day or night – In sunlight or moonlight, every picture taken with galaxy S10 Lite’s high-resolution 48MP main camera comes to life in brilliant pixel clarity. Its even equipped with digital zoom capability, letting you get closer without sacrificing picture quality.

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