Flaunt It Your Way

Our slim, light weight body features a more streamlined profile, with faintly rounded edges that make it comfortable to hold all day. Plus, a leather feel back surface makes for an exquisite texture you won’t want to stop touching.

4015mAh Battery

When your phone desperately needs a power boost, 30W VOOC Flash charge 4.0 makes the most of every moment. In under an hour, OPPO F17 reaches a full charge while maintaining the utmost safety.

Play More, Enjoy More, Win More

When every second counts, only the fastest performance will do. Our self-developed RAM+ Anti-lag expands available memory to support even highly demanding games. To top it off, enjoy smoother performance with up to 8GB of RAM.

Keep Your Head in the Game

Prepare for an experience so immersive you won’t believe its all coming from your phone. Scrolling bullet notifications keep distractions to a minimum, while floating window reply lets you respond to messages without abandoning your game.

All day comfort you can see

From the brightest light to the darkest night, OPPO F17 is looking out for your vision. Sunlight screen automatically adjusts under bright conditions to help you see what’s on your screen. Moonlight screen reaches as low as 2 nits to protect your eyes in the dark.

Fast Access at your Finger tips

Our in-display scanner scans with speed and accuracy, unlocking your phone the instant your finger touches it.

Flaunt-Worthy Selfies, Every time

When your selfies needs a beauty boost, AI Beautification 2.0 can smooth and brighten your skin, and even apply intelligent make up effects that suit your face.

With Front Night Mode, low light can still allow for stunning selfies. Face protection makes sure you keep shining in dim lighting, all while preserving back ground details.

Widen Your Photographic Horizons

With ultra wide-angles photos, you can fit even your grandest visions into a single shot, from vast landscapes to a architectural masterpieces.

A Filter For Every Feeling

Put a fresh twist on your look with our classic filters, optimized filters, and all new filters inspired by the latest trends.

Capture the color of life – From beaches to babies, AI Dazzle color recognizes dozens of scenarios and finds the best color-enhancing effect to make your shot as vibrant on camera as they do in person.


OPPO F17 PRO – Diwali Edition

Be The Light, To Spread The Light

Ultra Sleek Design, Smooth Rounded Feel.

OPPO’s industry-leading design techniques bring you OPPO F series’ slimmest, lightest phone yet with suitable pebble edges that feel ultra comfortable in hand.

Mini Dual Punch Holes
Maximum Screen Real Estate

OPPO designers optimized every millimeter of the notch surrounding the two front cameras, allowing for as much space as possible on an indulgent FHD+2400*1080 pixels high resolution screen.

6AI Portrait Cameras, Studio-like Photography

OPPO F Series’ first ever 6-camera phone takes portrait photography to the next level. Explore all the functionalities that make selfies and portraits more sophisticated than ever.

30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0, 5-minute charge, 4-hour talk

OPPO’s proprietary VOOC charging goes beyond traditional fast charge to bring you faster charging fast charge to bring you faster charging especially in short periods of time, so you can get more out of your 4000mAh big battery.

AI Night Charging

Charge your phone overnight with battery optimizations designed to complete 100% charging at an AI determined morning wake time.

MediaTek Helio P95 with upgraded chip, Faster Processing

MediaTek Hyper Engine for Enhanced gaming – Exclusive Hyper Engine technology provides intelligent networking, rapid touch screens and vivid visuals that ensure you get fast and smooth action, especially in heavy loading games.

Anti-Lag Algorithm, Smoother Processing.

Detects and clears data that causes memory causes memory errors, making stutters and freezes less likely.

Air Gestures, pick up Calls Through Air

Pick up calls without touching the phone through an air gestures as far as 20-50 centimeters from the phone- activated by lifting the hand upwards.

Neatly Categorize all your Media Files – Don’t Spending time trying to straighten out your photos and videos. Soloop recognizes waht’s in your media files and neatly sorts them into different categories.


OnePlus 8T

Ultra Fast Charging. Ultra Smooth Scrolling.

Extreme color accuracy that that makes every movie pop, every game shine, and every photo come to life. Abd with subtle gradients of HDR10+, images are more exciting and enticing.

Every Frame is Good Enough to Frame

The OnePlus 8T’s 6.55″ inches Fluid AMOLED Display delivers excellence in each frame. Transform your onscreen experience with a 120Hz Fluid Display for seamless scrolling. And with a super-low response latency, swiping is believing.

Easy on the Eyes

With 1,100 nits and 8,192 levels of automatic brightness, every frame looks more natural with improved clarity for enjoyable viewing. Your Social media, photo and favorite websites have never looked better.

So Much Speed, Its actually Amazing

A Massive 4,500mAh battery powers your mobile life all-day long. But speed matters too. That’s why warp charge 65 is our fastest ever charging solution. Enjoy a days power in 15 minutes.

Powered By A Dragon

Setting a new performance benchmark, the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 delivers blazing fast speed to power through every task. Optimized for performance, photography and gaming, do more of what you love in less time.

The Future is 5G. Welcome To The Future.

Imagine downloading one HD movie in just 6 seconds. That’s 100 times faster than 4G. In fact do everything faster: Streaming movies, downloading your Spotify library, and gaming. You’ll be saving almost a full day every month.

Cool Inside and Out

A dedicated, multi layered gaming mode cooling system keeps the internals cool even when the actions gets hot – do it all from gaming, watching 4K movies, to live streaming.

Gaming Just Got Serious

Designed for power gamers, Super charge our mobile gaming with the brand new gaming tools featuring mis touch prevention and improved notification control. Get your game on with Fnatic mode, screen recorder, Floating window and more for immersive gaming.

Even More Reasons To Smile

From places to faces, capture your favorite moments forever with an advanced high resolution 48MP camera. Its perfect for casual snaps of people and pets indoors and out. Go wide or get close for professional-grade photos and shoot ultra smooth videos.

Nightscape Mode – Even beginners can capture dramatic low light shots. Nightscapes mode intelligently captures incredible scenes with enhanced clarity, less noise and more accurate reproduction. When the sun goes down, we’ll light up your world.

Lights, Camera, OnePlus 8T – Shoot and edit thrilling 4K video at 60fps like a Pro. Get artful with cool video bokeh effects to give scenes a refreshing, unique look. Or film silk smooth cinematic shots using the stable feature. With the OnePlus 8T, you are the director.

Stay Front and Center – Never miss the picture-perfect selfie again. Assisted by Electronic Image Stabilization(EIS), the 16MP Front camera dynamically reduces camera shake for crisper, cleaner video. Wherever you go, you and your friends are always the stars of the show.

Oxygen OS 11
So, So Smooth

Our acclaimed Oxygen OS is amazing, and it just got better. One of the first operating systems to implements Android 11, Oxygen OS 11 is a bold refresh of a fan-favorite delivering unparalleled speed. Co-created with our incredible community, it brings the smart to the smartphone experience. The OnePlus 8T is Fluid and Intuitive each time, every time, with headline features made for you.

Fresh And Immersive Design – The Freshly updated aesthetic delivers the same uncompromising experience in a bold, clean new look. To meet the evolving needs of OnePlus smartphones users, the unified design is fresh and also a return to our roots. A newly added dynamic wallpaper subtly shifts in color and appearance based on the actual time and the scrolling speed of your OnePlus 8T.


iPhone 12 PRO

Its a Leap Year

A14 Biotic Rockets past every other smartphone chip. The Pro camera system takes low-light photography to the next level with an even bigger jump on iPhone 12 PRO max. And Ceramic shield delivers four times better drops performance. Let’s see what this things can do.

Splash Proof

Industry Leading IP68 Water Resistance

Four Finishing Touches – Pacific Blue, Gold, Silver and Graphite

A14 Bionic The only thing even close was our last chip
A14 Bionic is the first 5 – nanometer chip in the industry, with advanced components literally atoms wide. Forty percent more transistors rev up speeds while increasing efficiency for great battery life. And a new ISP powers Dolby vision recording – something no PRO movie camera, let alone any other phone can do.

The Fastest chip ever in a smartphone. Again.
The new capabilities of iPhone 12Pro require speed. Lots of it. And one way to make a chip faster is to add more transistors, meaning you have to make the chip bigger or the transistors smaller.

LiDAR Technology scans the surface of Mars. And your living room

NASA is using LiDAR Technology for its next Mars landing. iPhone 12Pro uses a LiDAR scanner to measure how long it takes light to reflect back from objects. So it can create a depth map of whatever space you’re in. Because its ultra-fast and accurate, AR apps can now transform a room in to a realistic rainforest or show you how a new speaker will fit.

PRO Camera System
A New Day For Night Mode

Night mode comes to both wide and ultra wide cameras, and its better than even at capturing incredible low light shots. LiDAR makes night mode portraits possible. And the wide camera lets in 27% more light for greater detail and sharper focus day or night.

Deep Fusion Kicks in for low to mid light scenes. The Neural engine analyses multiple exposure pixels to bring out unprecedented detail in the magnifying glass, the woman and the wall.

Portrait Mode, Fine Tuned.

Machine learning on iPhone 12Pro is even better at separating the subject from the back ground. And creative controls let you adjust the background Blur and light on faces.



44MP Eye Autofocus Selfie Delight Every Moment

The Clarity And Focus You Want

Enjoy beautiful portraits that are rich with color and depth. The ultra HD 44MP main front camera captures detail so intricate. it can withstand even extreme zooming.

The 44MP main front camera with AF can focus focus sharply from 15cm, and zoom out it infinity. Whether you are shooting up close or from even greater distances, with the help of a selfie stick, unrivalled focus and clarity await.

The Craft of Simplicity

7.38mm Matte Glass Design

Delightfully light and Surprisingly slim – this new showpiece is design epitome at its very best. 2.5D, 7.38mm* and 171g* translate to an unforgettable lightweight hold.

Extraordinary Rear Photography

The main rear camera with a staggering 64MP reveals vibrant details that remain clear even after vigorous zooming. The supporting rear cameras create wide perspectives, super macro, bokeh and black & white and white film effects.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G

Mobile platform 8GB RAM + 256GB, Also available 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM

The 8nm Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G mobile platforms boasts of strong combination of features and delivers impressive performance with low energy consumption. 8GB of RAM lets you run multiple apps efficiently at the same time, while 256GB of ROM provides ample storage for your large games and videos.

33W Flash charge Battery Revival in a Flash

33W Flash Charge* can replenish your battery to 65% before you finish your tea break in just 30mins. And you can always count on the large capacity 4000mAh battery to keep up with all the wonderful things from taking pictures and binging on dramas, to listening to music and playing games.

Multi Turbo
More Updates, More Accelerations

Multi-turbo has been updated with an optimized ART++ Turbo, and a host of other exciting features. The accompanying performance leap will take your breath away.

Ultra Game Mode – Harness all the potentials of your phone’s hardware with the newly updated ultra game mode, and go all out in every field of virtual warefare.


iPhone 12

Blast Past Fast.

A14 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone. An edge to edge OLED display. Ceramic shield with four times better drop performance. And night mode every camera. iPhone has it all – in two perfect sizes.

Even Better Spills and Splash resistance

A14 Bionic is the fastest chip in a smartphone. And it pushes what’s possible. Like crunching trillions of operations on the Neural engine. Or shooting in Dolby Vision – even pro movie camera’s can’t do that. Its super efficient for great battery life. And its ahead of its time, prepared to power pretty much anything that comes next.

Super Retina XDR display
Behold OLED

Vastly more contrast. Incredible color accuracy. A huge jump in pixel density. OLED delivers brighter bright, darker blacks and higher resolution for everything you look at. This is the best iPhone display we’ve ever made and it goes all the way to the edge.

Dual Camera system
Welcome to the darkest side

Both the wide and ultra wide cameras now have night mode and its better than ever at capturing incredible low-light shots.
The new wide camera brings in 27% more light. So whether you take photos by day by day or by moonlight, you’ll get a level of detail color that wasn’t possible before.

Night Mode Selfies

Night-time is the right time of the selfie. Because night mode and a slew of other great features are now on the front camera. Like deep Fusion, Smart HDR3, Dolby Vision recording and more.

Turbo Chargeable

Magnets align themselves perfectly every time for faster wireless charging.

Wireless Let’s speed things up.
iPhone delivers 4G LTE at up to 2 Gbps. So you can download shows, upload photos and stream high quality video even faster. And you can do it in more places, because iPhone 12 has up to 32 LTE bands more than any other smartphone.

Video Low Lights. Camera. Action.
And Boom. You won a film studio

Now you can record 4K Video with Dolby Vision. Edit in photos or iMovie. Then zap it to your TV using Airplay to see all that color and detail. Its a start to finish cinematic experience found only on iPhone. which comes in handy when your dog does something adorable.

Beautifully Stackable

Snap on a new MagSafe Case, wallet or both (Fear not, the wallet is shielded so its for credit cards. )

Use AR to see it from every angle – Open this page using Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

Evenings Have Entered the Picture – Night mode senses when light is low kicks in automatically, maintaining clarity while capturing vibrant color. All you have to do is start snapping.


LG Velvet Flash Price in India – Single Screen (36,990/-), Dual Screen (49,990/-)

LG Velvet Flash Price in India – Single Screen (36,990/-), Dual Screen (49,990/-)

The LG Velvet stands out in a crowd with a striking design, premium features and a giant leap in 5G performance.



Reliable. Refined.

Hassle Free Handling

Life’s complicated. Using your shouldn’t be. Nokia 150 makes dialing and texting simple to navigate with the longer design, 2.4″ (6.09cm) screen and larger than ever ergonomic keys.

FM Radio and MP3 Player
For the love of listening

When music is a must, turn in to the wireless FM radio with or without a headset. Or enjoy your own tracks using the MP3 player.

VGA Camera
See. Snap. Share.

Capture every moment to remember with the VGA camera and flash. Then share them with the people you love using Bluetooth.

Built for the bustle

Good things come in tough packages. With an exterior made from high quality, durable poly carbonate, it can handle the knocks of everyday life.

Gaming galore

Play for Play’s sake with classic Snake Xenzia and other great games you can try and buy. With hours of fun in store, you can beat that store.

Long Battery Life
Keeps Going and Going

Stay connected with battery life that lasts for days on a single charge. And when you are running low, just plug in the universal micro-USB charger.


NOKIA 5310

Never miss a beat

Stay connected with a battery that lasts for weeks in standby mode or for hours for call time without charging. Plus, with the powerful dual front -facing speakers, you will hear every call, loud and clear.

Return of a classic

With easy to use buttons, Smooth curves and a comfortable grip, Nokia 5310 is a new take on an old favourite – an iconic design with a fresh face.

Bring it on

Feel fired up and ready to go with 5310. With a long lasting battery, durable design, and reliable technology, this is a phone that wont let you down.

Dual Front Facing Speakers
Loud and Proud

Enjoy loud, bold music and radio – all day long – Thanks to the dual front facing speakers.

FM Radio and MP3 Players
Music to the Ears

Mix it up any time, anywhere, thanks to the MP3 player and wireless FM Radio with dedicated music buttons and powerful dual front facing speakers.



Flaunt It Your Way

Our thin, lightweight body includes a more smoothed out profile, with faintly adjusted edges that make it agreeable to hold throughout the day. Also, a calfskin feel back surface makes for a lovely surface you won’t have any desire to quit contacting.

Battery Execution

At the point when your telephone frantically needs a force support, 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 takes advantage of each second. In less than 60 minutes, OPPO F17 arrives at a full charge while keeping up the most extreme security.

Play More. Enjoy More. Win More

At the point when consistently tallies, just the quickest execution will do. Our self-created RAM+ Anti-Lag grows accessible memory to help even exceptionally requesting games. To finish it off, appreciate smoother execution with up to 8GB of RAM.

Keep your head in the game

Get ready for an encounter so vivid you will have a hard time believing’s everything originating from your telephone. Looking over slug notices downplay interruptions, while coasting window answer lets you react to messages without surrendering your game.

All-Day comfort you can see

From the most brilliant light to the haziest night, OPPO F17 is paying special mind to your vision. Daylight Screen naturally changes under splendid conditions to enable you to perceive what’s on your screen. Twilight Screen comes to as low as 2 nits to ensure your eyes in obscurity.

Fast Access at your finger tips

Our in-show unique mark scanner checks with speed and precision, opening your telephone the moment your finger contacts it.

Widen your photographic horizons

With ultra – wide angle photos, you can fit even your grandest visions into a single shot, from vast landscapes to architectural master pieces.